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Biblioburbia Zine, and New Blog

I’ve made a Biblioburbia you can hold in your pocket – a library card size zine which has entries for each library I have visited.

I sold out of it at the MCA zine fair last weekend, but have put together some more, which you can order on my Etsy shop, or by contacting me directly.

The stories inside are moments from this blog, different ones from the stories included on the Biblioburbia Map. The map came out of hiding and was pored over by many at the MCA zine fair.

A number of people have asked me what is happened with Biblioburbia: I will still be writing here occasionally, however most of my operations are moving to my new blog, Mirror Sydney. See you there!


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I found this note behind my bed – it dates from the beginning of Biblioburbia, and lists the topics I hoped to cover. Like all my lists, it started off seriously and then degenerated into doodling. Some of the items on this list are mysterious to me, in fact the list itself isn’t familiar to me: I don’t remember writing it. Probably before going to bed one night, with my mind fired up with plans and ideas for Biblioburbia when it was new.

What now for Biblioburbia? I will still post here every month or so but my library excursions have paused for the moment. I’m planning another blog project so I will reveal that soon. The City of Sydney Archives now have a copy of the book of this blog. It’s good to have the book version in a library – I’m not sure what librarians make of this blog, but hopefully some find it interesting. I am making a zine version of Biblioburbia that I’ll have for sale at the MCA zine fair on Sunday, may 20th. I still have copies of the Biblioburbia print. And of course you can reverse back through the blog and read  and reread it, for as long as wordpress exists.

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