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Biblioburbia on your wall

For the exhibition I made a print on the Big Fag Press, the grand, heavy machine you can see behind me in the photo above. It’s a two colour offset print in an edition of 100, and approximately 100 x 70cm. I’ll have some prints for sale at the gallery, at the opening and during the exhibition, if you’d like your own chart to navigate Biblioburbia.


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How Big is a Blog?

This blog is 30cm x 23cm x 2.5cm. Come visit it in paper form at First Draft Gallery, from tomorrow night. I’ve been toiling away at the final things for the exhibition over the past few days. Once you get something into a gallery and set up it has an awfully finished look about it, and I would be surprised that making the book above has taken me all day, if it hadn’t been me spending all day making it!

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