Bits and Pieces

While fiddling around in the kitchen, half cleaning up, half listening to music, my phone bleeped and I thought “Aha! Message for me!” It was not an invitation to a picnic, however, it was this rather ominous message. But there is one problem with it. Can you see what it is? Which library is this from? I guess I’ll have to call the number. “Hi Library…” Just think, as I write this, as I go about my business today, fines are accruing… I have a stonehenge of library books in the hall, all from different libraries, one of them must be the culprit.

I scribbled this note when I was in Customs House Library, overhearing the librarian explaining the stack to a groovy chap in a 70s shirt. As hard as I listened, I didn’t catch what books he was after, but he was an irregular library user with an urgent request. I felt that the librarian was on the side of the unfashionable books, as am I.



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2 responses to “Bits and Pieces

  1. Aren’t you able to view your currently checked out items online? We can log in here and see what we’ve borrowed and also place holds.

    Also, tsk tsk, you’re terrible Muriel. Late fees! Well I never.

    • Vanessa Berry

      Yes, I can login to my various library accounts to check, but there are books from 5 different libraries in the hall! I googled the phone number in the text message and worked it out from there. I will return the book later today…is that too much delay?

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