Gods, Mongrels, Demons and Cotton Buds

When I was browsing the shelves at Dulwich Hill branch library last week, I noticed something wedged into a book as a bookmark. I have found plenty of interesting things in books over the years, though more often at the op shop than in the library. If you google “things found in library books” all sorts of things come up. But I didn’t find $50, or a completely flattened Cadbury Creme Egg, or a love letter, instead I found this:

What kind of person uses a cotton bud as a bookmark? It was stuck in there, as well – not that I touched it – when I opened the book it remained firmly in position. The idea of anyone, no matter how sexy or interesting, ear-cleaning is repulsive, let alone the faceless (but not earless) library partron…



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2 responses to “Gods, Mongrels, Demons and Cotton Buds

  1. Fiona Berry

    Library desk conversation:
    Patron: Excuse me, there’s a date in this book.
    Me: Pardon? Someone wrote a date in it?
    Patron: No, there is an actual date in the book.
    (Opens book to reveal squashed fruit)

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