Notes in Library Books

This copy of The Amber Room by Steve Berry (no relation) promises great things:


Open the book, though, for the reality:




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3 responses to “Notes in Library Books

  1. Oh my, fascinating entry! I LIVE to find things in books; well, not exactly but it certainly is one of the highlights of life, I think. That books sounds fascinating, I look forward to checking it out (in more ways than one, hurr hurr). I used to borrow those Cole’s Funniest Picture Books from the school library and loved them to bits. I own one myself these days and upon reading through it last year was surprised at how racist it is!


  2. Vanessa Berry

    Yes I love finding things in library books, although sometimes if the notetaking is too intense, and in pen all the way through, it goes from interesting to irritating. I know what you mean about the books seeming racist to us – from what I read, though, Cole was against racism, and especially passionate in criticising the white Australia policy. But yes, he was of his time, and some of the language is uncomfortable reading for us these days!

  3. Oh that’s interesting to hear about Cole! Obviously I need to learn my history!

    Last year I got a bunch of books off a second hand website that gave some of the proceeds to charity. So a lot of the books came to me from libraries all over the states. It was awesome seeing the stamps and finding bits and pieces in them. Though one Sylvia Plath book was so scrawled over with highlighter and pen and I haven’t been able to bear attempting to read it. I don’t mind the odd underline, preferably in pencil but highlighter is terrible imho.

    Also, I know this is turning into a novel but omgosh BOOKS – my favourite underlinings in a book is when you loan your own copy to a friend and get it back with their thoughts peppered throughout. The best! (if it’s in pencil or on sticky notes, of course).

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